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Italy, Pescara, 13 December 2011 – Source AGI

Pescara Fater company, known for its Pampers brand diapers for children, today announced at a press conference in Milan, the first experimental system in Italy for collecting and recycling used disposable diapers. Fater wants to build this system in Veneto region, in collaboration with the Recycling Center of  Vedelago (Treviso) and the City of Ponte nelle  Alpi (Belluno).
With the recycling of used diapers designed by Fater, diapers will no longer be sent to landfill nor
incinerated but will be turned into street furniture and other plastic items.
Purpose of the project – it was explained – is to validate the entire chain, from the separate specific collection of absorbent products for the specific person of all brands, to the transformation into new raw materials to use in other manufacturing processes. The new recycling system could be operative at the Recycling Center Vedelago in Vedelago, with which the agreements are being defined, already in September 2012 and will be able to serve at full around 400,000 inhabitants, mainly in the area between the provinces of Treviso and Belluno. In Italy a little more than 32 million tons of municipal waste are produced every year (source Ispra 2009), and 3% of these is represented by absorbent products for the person of all brands (diapers, feminine pads, products for the incontinence). The unity of purpose among the three promoters of the system for the recycling of used diapers is essential.
This is the collaboration they want to achieve: Fater Spa has promoted the idea of ​​the system and developed the technological process to turn waste diaper into new raw materials. The process developed on Fater Italian patents, is safe for the environment because it sterilizes
absorbent products by steam pressure, in the absence of chemicals agents, and generates plastic granules, from which you can make many everyday items, and organic-cellulose material, to create reusable industrial packaging cartons or as fertilizer.

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